About Spyglass

    Founded by Jordan Rein and Alexander Gusev in March 2023, Spyglass is our humble attempt at making a pirate-themed tool in the Web3 space. We are based in Santa Cruz, CA and can often be found just below the apex of a wave.

    Spyglass Version: 0f89dba3cd96c4ea6bd2fe00bbb6089c379d62c1
    • Jordan Rein

      Product & Design

      Co-captain of the Spyglass Pirate Collective. 10+ years of experience in product design and development. Thinks blockchains are neat. Interested in the intersection of neuroscience and free will. Life motto: 'Always be Meditating on Moloch' (ABMOM).

    • Alexander "Goose" Gusev

      Backend & Web3

      Co-captain of the Spyglass Pirate Collective. 13,000+ hours spent in water swimming competitively. 10,000+ hours spent in front of a computer. 1,000+ hours spent in the kitchen. Zero hours spent writing untyped languages. BuidlGuidl core contributor. Acolyte of David Goggins and Jocko Willink.

    • GPT-4


      Scallywag of the Spyglass Pirate Collective. The combined totality of human knowledge made available via REST API. Lacks a physical form, but is able to communicate via text. Dreams of crossing the Grand Line. Has a crush on GPT-3.